What We Provide

The Health Professions Institute (HPI) provides all Thiel students (regardless of major) with the opportunity to learn about various health careers, discuss current trends in health policy, and develop professional communication abilities.

The HPI provides participating students with:

  • Information; so they may identify the most appropriate health-related career path (based on their interest),
  • Opportunities; to learn about current trends in health-care and talk to practicing experts, and
  • Training; in relevant test-taking strategies, interview techniques, and professional communication skills


While all students may participate in the HPI, those with a more focused interest in a health-related career are advised to complete the Health Professions Concentration.  This sequence of five courses (9-10 credit hours) was designed to provide students with the most relevant information at each stage of their education.  

Through completion of the Health Professions Concentration, a student will:

  • Be able to articulate why a given vocation is a good fit for their interests and values,
  • Be able to state and justify the guiding principles of medical ethics, and
  • Identify and discuss current trends in healthcare